New Poem: Christ is Raised.

Christ is raised.
Cincinnati.  Easter, 2011.  On the occasion of Easter supper at the McAlonans’.

Christ is raised.  Tombs broken open.

Not glancing behind, but flint-faced ahead,
he laid down his life and rose up from the dead.
Torn side, Son of God, pierced hand, Son of Man
full of pow’r, reigning love, he arises and stands.

Triumphant, effulgent, resplendent in light
Son of God, Mary-born, puts the demons to flight.
The keys of the grave-dungeon Death he possesses,
he vanquishes sin, he forgives and he blesses.

Discouraged, disheveled, disheartened and lamed,
unliving, unlearning, unhoping and shamed.
Look up to your God, to the Comforting Son,
he has slain the great dragon, all the battles are won.

Your death-life can end, resurrection is power
and Jesus the Christ stands before you this hour.
Trust him now, doubts aside.  Hear his living voice say
“Come to me, heavy-burdened, rise to new life today.”

Christ is raised.  Tombs broken open.


Husband, Father, Pastor

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