Poem: He is pure joy.

by Nathan Wright, Christmas 2010


He is pure joy
Longings met after many tears
Healing joy.  More powerful than I.
Joy unfolding into faith.
Tears of joy.
And the angels rejoicing around Him
And all the promises are true.
It is all true.

Your might is over the heavens.
The movement of your hand
Healed my soul.  Freed me.  Released me.

You are good beyond perception.
The brightness of your joy
Lit my face.  Lifted me.  Convinced me.

You defeated those stronger than I.
I could not make them go.
You are stronger. 

Joy of all.  Joy of me.  Pure joy of the Father. 
Conquering hero of God.

He brought out his people with rejoicing,
his chosen ones with shouts of joy.


Husband, Father, Pastor

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